NATO PA 2010 Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly LR Saeimas mājas lapa
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The first permanent Latvian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly was approved on 30 November 1995.

Initially, the Latvian delegation had the status of an associate member; its status changed when Latvia became a NATO member state.

During the Plenary Sitting of 1 June of the 2004 Spring Session in Bratislava, the Latvian delegation for the first time received voting cards/slips (see picture) of a member state.

The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia has three votes in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (the number of votes is proportional to the number of the country’s inhabitants). Thus, the Latvian delegation consists of three permanent members –
Vaira Paegle (head of the delegation)
Dzintars Rasnačs (deputy head)
Visvaldis Lācis
and three alternate members –
Oskars Kastēns
Ivans Klementjevs
Ainars Latkovskis

Latvian delegates participate in the following NATO PA committees:

Defence and Security Committee – V. Lācis A. Latkovskis.
Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security – I. Klementjevs, V. Lācis.
Committee on Economics and Security – Dz. Rasnačs, I. Klementjevs.
Political Committee – V. Paegle, O. Kastēns, A. Latkovskis.
Science and Technology Committee – O. Kastēns, Dz. Rasnačs.